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B40 -- a bunch of improvements..


* By request: Horizontal slider bar syncs with scrolling (thanks to PCycle for making me finally do this)
* New!: Text searching in editor (the option is in the menu)
* Improved: File-naming dialog UI (looks a lot better)
* Other: Fixes & optimizations
* Also: Rewrote loops for Fountain format speedup

Again, thanks for the great reviews! Keep 'em coming!

B37 out. The Big Deal This Time: Auto-Completion!

B37: Exciting batch of improvements!

NEW! AUTO-COMPLETION (suggests Characters, Scene Headings, & Transitions)
NEW! Character/Scene statistics (in "About" screen)
IMPROVED: Italic/Bold/Underline processing
IMPROVED: FDX/Fountain translation
CLEANED UP: non-Fountain viewing
IMPROVED: Launch files from Gdrive/other apps
TONS of UI polish/bugs/stability fixes

Still in beta (extended to March 31, 2014). Thanks always for the issue reports & great reviews. Enjoy the auto-completion!