Feature request: Outline sidebar + notes


I'd like to see implemented a side bar to access outline elements such as: # Acts, ## Sequences, ### Scenes
... and to be able to show/hide [[notes.]]

Other than that, DubScript is awesome! Thanks for your great work!


In addition to outline elements and notes, I'd like to rearrange outline elements and have the change reflected in the script.



By outline elements, do you mean some kind of an outline/list view of ALL the elements (that would include characters and action and dialog which are all elements too) or do you mean just scenes? As for rearranging, of course you can copy/paste-- do you mean some kind of list which you would then rearrange by dragging up and down to have the original source (editing text) rearranged as well? I'm interested in how you see the feature working as far as the writer's experience-- could you maybe describe out how you think it would/should work?

You mentioned notes-- you may know this already, but JIC-- per the Fountain Syntax specs, you can mark a line as a note by surrounding with [[ and ]]. If you have real-time styling turned on, they will be highlighted a light blue in the editor for easy location while scrolling..

Thanks for the request. I could use a few more specifics on what you're thinking exactly..

Thanks for the response, Ron!

A summary of ALL elements would be useful -- the number of scenes each character is in; perhaps a list of those scenes; percentage of the script that is action and percentage that is dialogue; props and the scenes they are in; and so on. I think many would find these changes valuable, including myself.

More immediately, I did mean the dragging up and down method of rearranging of scenes (and having the original source also rearranged). I also meant rearranging sections (Fountain syntax #) along with their accompanying synopses (Fountain syntax =) in the same manner. In the early stages of story development I move notes, ideas, events, snippets of dialogue around. More notes, events, scenes develop from these initial scraps. They multiply. It would be easier to drag these notes, ideas, etc from one position to the next than to select text, cut, move to the precise position and paste. Visually something like a mind map.

When I mentioned notes, I meant the above. Though I'm aware of the Fountain syntax for inserted script notes, I didn't realize that real-time styling would highlight them. Thanks!

Let me know if I'm still a bit too vague.


As the original post suggests, a sidebar or drawer would be good for sections and subsections (#, ##, ###) regardless of how we choose to label them.


Thanks. Added some more fine-grained reporting last night, so that you can see the total number of scene headings, characters, action, dialog, and other elements along with their percentage of the total number of elements. I'd like to also add the number of individual characters (as opposed to the total number of any characters, if that makes sense)... so that you'd know that you have 5 characters total but maybe they appear 50 times throughout the script...) More specific reports (such as being able to ask for specific conditions) could be possible-- I'd need to think of the best interface that would make it flexible but usable...

I think the side bar navigation will have to wait until at least the next release, as the current one is getting pretty close and I want to get it out there for people to use... Rearranging the source in the way you suggest will be a bit more difficult since it will need to intelligently determine the start/ends of a particular element in the source text and remove/insert/switch them around accordingly. This sort of identification is easier on the "View" side than the "Write" side, because the element identification/parsing is done all at once when you swipe to "View". So the ability to smoothly (without delay of re-parsing/interpreting the source) re-arrange on the other side will require a little bit of thinking.

All that said, thanks for the feedback! Hopefully a new version will be coming pretty soon.

I look forward to upcoming versions!

Thanks for the response, Ron!