DubScript Screenplay Writer for Android™

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"...great for beginning screenwriters... full-featured [and] good-looking..."
--New York Times

DubScript is an easy, powerful screenplay editor for Android phones and tablets featuring Fountain markup, which lets you write in plain text without worrying about margins, indenting, and other usual "screenwriting software" stuff that can get in your way.

You can save your script as Fountain plain text, Final Draft .FDX, HTML, and PDF (KitKat+).

DubScript reads FOUR screenplay file formats:

  • .fountain, .txt, or .spmd using "Fountain" screenplay markup rules
  • .fdx (Final Draft) movie screenplay-formatted scripts
  • .trelby used by the free, open-source Trelby screenplay software
  • .html exported by the free, open-source CeltX screenplay software

Plus, share your Fountain script with others via email, Google Drive, and more. Details below!

RC8: Minor tweaks (see list below)

Okay folks, a few changes here in testing version RC8:

* Updated tools, plugins and libraries
* String tweaks and optimizations. Consolidated more to make localization (translation to other languages) easier.
* Slightly faster/better pagination.
* Biggest change-- added a check if the script being opened is in the external storage file or cache area of another app. If it appears to be the case, ask the user to re-save to another place. The reason for this is that some apps will allow DubScript to access a file in its own working external storage area. Sounds good, except-- what if that app later decides to overwrite the file, deletes the file, clear its cache, or is otherwise uninstalled? So DubScript now has a check for such situatoins... which hopefully works ;)

Please do test it and report any issues here.