DubScript Screenplay Writer for Android™

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"...great for beginning screenwriters... full-featured [and] good-looking..."
--New York Times

DubScript is an easy, powerful screenplay editor for Android phones and tablets featuring Fountain markup, which lets you write in plain text without worrying about margins, indenting, and other usual "screenwriting software" stuff that can get in your way.

You can save your script as Fountain plain text, Final Draft .FDX, HTML, and PDF (KitKat+).

DubScript reads FOUR screenplay file formats:

  • .fountain, .txt, or .spmd using "Fountain" screenplay markup rules
  • .fdx (Final Draft) movie screenplay-formatted scripts
  • .trelby used by the free, open-source Trelby screenplay software
  • .html exported by the free, open-source CeltX screenplay software

Plus, share your Fountain script with others via email, Google Drive, and more. Details below!

DubScript RC25 Now In Beta

This is a very minor update. Just some new Google Libraries for the "O" release of Android and other minor things. If there are bugs that related to the Google code, this will hopefully address them.

Since so little has changed, this will likely only be in beta for a day or two, then move to production. Unless, that is, any big issues are reported.

RC24 Moves Out of Beta to Release Channel (100%)

After several months of testing, RC24 is slowly moving into the production release. Among the changes:

✓ New! Compare Scripts - view changes between drafts
✓ Updated multiwindow & Chromebook support (note: use ctrl-1 instead of alt-1 to flip screens)
✓ Android "O" support w/newest libraries
✓ More fit & finish/speed
✓ Fixed bugs

It's currently going to 10% of users, and if there are no immediate problems, it'll expand more.

Update 7/8: No issues reported, so moved to 20% of users.
Update 7/9: No issues reported, so moving to 50% of users.
Update 7/11: No issues reported thusfar, so finishing the update to 100%. All users should get this update, and any new issues reported at this point will have to appear in the next release.