I found a bug! What do I do?

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So I was originally writing a series script for a streaming company, however they went bankrupt before they finished so I'm reworking it as a feature film. I am looking to combine the scripts together into one file, but it's proving difficult as when I try to copy an entire script to post it on another, it completely deletes random parts and sections, and it automatically saves with these sections missing. Is there any way around this? Is their an easier way to combine the scripts?

Are you combining the scripts using the Fountain format? If so, you can just use ANY text editor or even word processor to combine them into a single file, then open in DubScript. If you are doing this on a computer, you can copy/paste into an email to yourself, then copy/paste that into DubScript on your phone or tablet or Chromebook.

You didn't really say what program you were using to copy the script to post it to another-- but again, any text editor should work if you're using the fountain format. Otherwise, if you're doing it in, say, Final Draft-- DubScript can actually convert an .fdx into a fountain text file-- just load the .fdx with DubScript, then swipe and "save as fountain".

Let me know if this works!

Dubscript not responding to the caret character ˆ. That is, it's not formatting dual dialogue where I want it to. I write on a Galaxy Tab 2 Android Ver 7.0

It's my keyboard - a Logitech Bluetooth. It's much easier to use than the virtual keyboard and has a lot more functionality, but fountain doesn't recognise its caret character. If I use the caret on the virtual keyboard, dual dialogue formats correctly.