RC24 Moves Out of Beta to Release Channel (100%)

After several months of testing, RC24 is slowly moving into the production release. Among the changes:

✓ New! Compare Scripts - view changes between drafts
✓ Updated multiwindow & Chromebook support (note: use ctrl-1 instead of alt-1 to flip screens)
✓ Android "O" support w/newest libraries
✓ More fit & finish/speed
✓ Fixed bugs

It's currently going to 10% of users, and if there are no immediate problems, it'll expand more.

Update 7/8: No issues reported, so moved to 20% of users.
Update 7/9: No issues reported, so moving to 50% of users.
Update 7/11: No issues reported thusfar, so finishing the update to 100%. All users should get this update, and any new issues reported at this point will have to appear in the next release.