Welcome 2018 with fonts, fonts, and more fonts!

As seen in RC36:

I can post these all day. But why post screen shots when you can try it yourself? There are over eight hundred downloadable writing fonts families and three new font sizes to choose from. All for the perfectly reasonable price of free. And you can play with them in the DubScript testing version, starting in six months right now. Just sign up for the beta program in the Play Store.

If you encounter any issues with this new experimental feature or with anything else in this version of DubScript please do post to the forum. Cheers and as always, happy writing!



I like using this app. Easier than having to cart around a laptop.
Issues though. Doesn't seen to interpret all Final Draft set elements. You have to go through and reformat things it can't decioher. Would like to see Transition and Shot added.