Problem with the app

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with the app.
Around mid script doesn't recognise anymore the dialogues and puts them on the left of the page (rather than in the middle).
Any idea of why? What can I do about it?

When you say "anymore"-- did something change? Are you putting the character's names in all capital letters with a blank line before and dialogue after?

You can "force" a line to be a character by preceding it with the "at" symbol: @

So this would be a character:


See here for more tips.

Hope this helps!


One other thought-- are there any "special" characters that may be messing up the formatting? Like perhaps you have some extra spaces added to what you thought are empty lines? Adding extra spaces on blank lines in Fountain is sometimes used for special purposes, for example, to connect dialog lines together. See the syntax page for details. It's possible that "invisible" characters may throw off Fountain's syntax as well, so check that you haven't accidentally added any non-printing characters (often added by holding down special keys on some keyboards). DubScript shouldn't let you add such characters too easily, but if your text file was imported from another operating system, it's possible something like this snuck in...