Revision tracking

Hi Ron,
first of all I wanted to congratulate you, the app is really fantastic and simple to use. it's a pleasure to write with Dubscript. I have a question: will it be possible to include revisions in the future? In my opinion it would be the element that would make Dubscript the best application ever, although I realize that it may be difficult to add revision tracking.

First off-- thanks for the kind words! Great to hear that kind of feedback.

Question How would you implement revisions? Because the document is plain text and the fountain format spec doesn't have anything built-in, I'm not sure how to add this in.

There are some options for tracking changes though:

1. Rather than save every version on top of the previous one, you could at very least rename your files just before you make changes (by pressing and holding the save icon and entering a new name). Then you would have a series of files containing previous versions.

2. To see what's changed from any version to any other version, you could use the "compare" option. It shows the difference between any versions.

3. Write in Google Docs! The built-in text editor in DubScript was created to make screenwriting easier in your mobile device, but it's not the only option. Google Docs gives you the advantage of writing plain text, which you can then copy-paste right into DubScript whenever you need to format or output to FDX or PDF. You can track revisions (or even collaborate with other writers). The thing is, if you're using Google Docs, you'll want to stick only to the "plaintext" options-- Don't add in tables or graphics-- choose a monospace font like "Courier" and set it to 12 pt font to get an approximate look to the screenplay. (Bonus: Set the left margin to 1.5"). Also might want to turn off "smart apostrophes" and "quotes" if you want better interchange with other editors that may not support it. This sounds like a minor detail, but some editors will see "MIKE'S HOUSE" and "MIKE’S HOUSE" as two different location. It's very hard to tell, but one has the standard straight apostrophe and the other a "smart apostrophe". This is a setting in Google Docs.

4. A final option for tracking changes-- well, I"m a little hesitant to suggest this one, but it's there. DubScript saves an emergency backup copy every time you manually save (and at approximately when 500 characters have changed) or put DubScript in the background. These backups are available in the "Write" screen's menu, but are really only meant to be recovered in cases of emergency, not for regular restoration. You can change the number of backups that are saved in the settings, and when you run out, the older ones are removed to make room for the new ones. This all said, if you absolutely have to go back to find the state of the script at a previous time, you could check with those backups.

If you have any further suggestions for how this might be implemented, please do let me know! Again, thanks for your post and glad to hear you find this thing useful. If you aren't already, try the beta version-- there are a few new features there almost ready for the release!