Big New Rollout, Rollin' Out!

Having completed beta testing, the "July 4th build" of DubScript, representing new exciting improvements from last year's production release, is now gradually making its way to the production track. In this new version, the code base was migrated from Java to Kotlin and reorganized, the UI was improved, many edge-case bugs were fixed, and there are brand-new features all over the place, including old style typewriter sounds when typing, Markdown formatting support (specifically the Commonmark flavor), a "Wellness Exam" (as if performed by a "script doctor", get it?) that will automatically scan your Fountain-formatted script text looking for potential formatting issues and other common "clams" and "red flags", along with suggestions for addressing them. There are 140 new writing fonts, bringing the total to over 940 fonts. And so many minor finesses and speed-ups here and there that are pretty subtle. Also the internal libraries from Google built into the app were updated to the very latest stable versions,

To try out the Markdown formatting support, just open (or create) a plain text file ending with ".md" (no quotes-- as in Be sure to read the Help & Info section for details.

This release track has been in testing (beta) during development for about a year now. The rollout will start at about 3.25% of users, and every few days-- providing there are no show stoppers, the rollout will double. That's the plan anyway.

If you have any questions on this release, post them here! And if you're eager to try this release and other new releases immediately before they make it to the production track, you can sign up for the BETA releases via the Play Store.

Happy writing,