FDR too or just FDX

I just got an android tablet (thinkpad), and was so excited to see you had an app to read Final Draft (bless you :o) I downloaded your app and have been trying to open a Final Draft script, but when I go to open file on the app, a black screen comes up and nothing shows up. Now, it could definitely be my newbie ineptitude, or I thought it might be because the Final Draft version I use is a .fdr not a .fdx. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

So "fdr" which is used in Final Draft 7 or lower is a proprietary format that can't be read (at least not easily) by third party applications like DubScript. Final Draft 8 introduced FDX (see the description here), which is XML-based and can be read by DubScript.

So that's a long way of explaining that DubScrpt only will read .fdx, not .fdr. You can convert from one to the other with Final Draft 8 though.


okay, thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

I'm working in FD v.6 on my laptop and have dubscript on an Android tablet. I want to import .fdr files into dubscript, so I'm saving them as .txt files, but I'm running into a snag - dubscript formats them as .fountain files automatically, and there's no "save as" feature (that I can find) that allows me to save the file in the /fdx format.


I did it once, more or less by accident. I imported a full screenplay, text-only file, and it formatted it and then offered me a screen where I could name the file, including picking the file format. But now I can't find a way to get to that screen with anything else. Help!

Heya Mark--

So first thing you should know is that .FDR is a very old format from Final Draft that was deprecated in 2003 or 2004-- there was no documentation provided for FDR, and the was replaced with FDX (which is much easier for other apps such as DubScript to parse and read). Final Draft 7 and higher have support for FDX and can do the FDR->FDX conversion for you.

That said-- once you have the file in Fountain format on DubScript (by saving as .txt and then making any adjustments needed to get it to format properly on the "read" side), press-AND-HOLD the "save" button (the one that looks like an old 3.5" disk) and you should see the menu you were looking for-- ie, the one that lets you save as FDX! :)

Hope this works for ya!