B22 and B23 Released. New: Trelby file support.

So I forgot to post a few weeks ago that I'd updated DubScript to version b22. Here's what you got with that:

1.0 beta 22 -
* more professional (?) "About" screen
* new font-- GNUTypewriter
* built with new SDK- now targets Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

And this week, b23 was pushed to the market. The big thing here is initial support for Trelby files.

1.0 beta 23 -
* Initial support for .trelby screenplay files. Trelby (www.trelby.org) is a free, multiplatform, open-source screenplay-writing program introduced to the world in Jan, 2012.
* Minor tweaks to UI

Thanks to Anil Gulecha over at Trelby for reaching out to me. Enjoy, and as always, post any bugs or words of praise to the forum.