B27 pooshed!

So in b26, I added the following:

  • Extended beta to end of August.
  • New Android SDK from Google used to build..

In b27 I think/hope I addressed:

  • a crash that would happen if you rotated the screen and changed the orientation as it was loading (when you get the spinny "loading" message).
  • support for the trelby "notes" feature. Actually turned out pretty cool. Thanks to user "daniel" who pointed it out. I had previously elected not to support notes, but figured "why not"?
  • There was some weirdness due to a bug in Android (I think) where some "action" lines weren't fully extending to the edge of the screen in portrait mode on small screens such as phones. I think I fixed this, but my solution may have an unintended side-effect on Froyo devices-- namely a white "highlight" background on the action lines. If you see this, and it's annoying, let me know.

That is all. Enjoy!