Looks Awesome! But I'm on a Kindle Fire...can we get a little love?

This looks like exactly what I've been looking for! BUT, is there any way for us to get a Kindle Fire version? Or a direct link to an apk? Pretty please??

Thanks - Gil

First off-- thanks so much for the kind words... I kind of feel I need to apologize on this, but I just don't like Amazon very much. I don't like the way they seem to abuse their own developers and I don't like their policies towards banning Wikileaks.

Unless I'm convinced otherwise (or they change their policy), I'm not inclined to develop for their products.

That said, I believe it's possible to easily give yourself root privileges (here's a Mac version and another Windows utility), at which point you can sideload Google's Play Market and download any app directly from there, including DubScript, Google Docs, the Nook Reader, the Kindle reader, etc. Additionally, if you're not a fan of the crippled version of Amazon, there full versions of Android that will essentially transform it into a fully-functioning tablet. More information about that is here.

I know this is more information than you asked for, but this is one way to get not only DubScript but access to all apps on the Google Market, so I thought I'd mention it.


Thanks for the info Ron. I'm not down on their abuse of Wikileaks but guess I do still wind up using some of their products at certain times.

Will consider rooting...but I'm kind of set up on the Kindle and don't want to start from scratch. Have to see if the Rooting process requires wiping the system or if it maintains current data and settings.


I can't 100% guarantee it, but I'm pretty sure that rooting won't require wiping anything.