Bold Bug

I've encounted a weird bug where whenever I use the number "2" in my script, it won't bold. For example, if I were to type **Henchman 2**, it would appear as "**Henchman 2** in the export version of the script instead of bolding the word. Every other formatting works (that I've tried), such as ***bold italics*** and _underlining_.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Android 6.0.1, DubScript version 1.0 RC32.

Is this a bug or is this something related to Fountain that I just haven't read about yet?

Wow great catch. That's a bug alright, and one that I think I just fixed. I'm planning on doing a beta release shortly (which will have a lot of other neat fixes) over the weekend, so hopefully you'll let me know if it's fixed for you (and hopefully not break anything :) )

Thanks again for the report!

If you haven't yet signed up for the Beta channel, give it a shot please and let me know if everything looks correct.

(version RC33 has the fix)



I just signed up. I'll let you know once the update comes through. Thanks for all the help!

Just checked it this morning. The issue has been resolved. The number 2 can be bolded again. Thanks for the quick response and solution.

And thank YOU for the confirmation and the bug report!