Can't find Script..

I used dub script on my chrome book. Saved and when I went back it was no where to be found! Help!!

Were you able to find it? The script you last edited should appear automatically the next time you run DubScript. Did you save the file locally on your chromebook, or to a cloud device such as Google Drive?

On many chromebooks, when you are listing files to be opened, you may need to select from a the pull-down to specify the type of file it displays. In the "Select files to open" window, this may appear on the bottom left, and you'll want to tell it to show "All files" (the last option) so that your fountain file will be visible and selectable.

Also, you didn't mention which script opened when you relaunched the DubScript (as I mentioned, it should be the most recently-edited file in most cases), but if you moved or renamed the file in the meanwhile, you'll have to relocate and open the newly named file (just press the "Open script" button which looks like a screenplay on the "Read" page, make sure you are viewing all files using the pulldown, then navigate to the correct file.)

Hope this is helpful. Please give it a try and let me know if it worked!


Welp, my screenplay just vanished for no reason whatsoever and is not in any file on my Google Drive.
I always type in Google Docs which autosaves and the files are easy to find. Where in hell all my work in DubScript went I'll apparently never know. Between writing and searching there are now several hours of my life gone down the drain.
I should have written it on post-it-notes

If you are writing w/Google Docs, are you saying that it vanished from Google Docs? Is the entire file gone? Google Docs has a command to let you view changes in a file--can you recover it that way?

If you pasted this file into DubScript, is that file also gone? Did you save it locally or on Google Drive? Also, did you check the Recovery Backup menu item in DubScript's Write section? It is highly unusual to be missing from both DubScript and Google Docs-- is it possible you're logged into your device with a different account?