Interface colour

Hello there
I've just subscribed to Subscript to review it for a month initially. So far so good.

I'm wondering, is it possible to change the colour of the interface from this green colour? I've found the dark and light themes but I would like to eliminate the green altogether for something more neutral if possible.
Thanks in advance

Hey there-- thanks for subscribing. Hope you like the program.

Re: Colors-- Right now there are only the two light/dark themes, but adding color choices is something to look at. Android 12 has this new "My Android" color space where it adapts the colors based on the launcher background image-- would that be something useful, or would you rather choose from some kind of list of different pre-made themes?

Thanks again!

Hi Ron
Thanks for getting back so quickly.
The android 12 thing sounds interesting. Things definitely feel good when they are thematically linked somehow.
A selection of colour presets could also work as long as there was something in there for everyone!

My problem with the green is that it's just very specific and it's everywhere, there's no escaping it! I plan on staring at your app for many many hours and it would in my opinion be really great to have a bit more neutrality in the colour space.

It could be really nice to have a colour wheel in the settings so users can select their own interface colour.

Happy to test out any Beta if you get around to it!
all the best

Dan-- let me look into it-- I have a priority which is fixing a issue with the text sliders (only on the upcoming beta), so I'll have to address that first. I think also Google is still perfecting the "Material You" look (you can follow progress at ), but in the meantime, if you want the latest and "greatest" (fingers crossed), do give the beta a shot.

Also-- a quick reminder that you can edit in ANY text editor, including Google Docs, and then just copy/paste your edit into DubScript when you'd like to see it formatted (or export to .fdx or PDF). So if there's an editor you prefer, whether in Android or on your computer, I won't be offended if you use it :) Whichever editor you choose to use be sure you back up regularly off your device (or if saving with a cloud service such as Google Docs, just be familiar with how it saves history). DubScript lets you save to the cloud straight from your editor (including via Google Drive), so that might be one way to preserve backups off the device. Otherwise, if saving straight to local storage--you can use the "Share" button in the Write screen to send copies via an email app, or just copy/paste into an email, text, or whatever you like. (And then there's the emergency Rescue backups, but only use those if there's a problem...)

Sorry, went off on a tangent there. Thanks for the request!

Wonderful thanks Ron