Saving directly to fdx or exporting to fdx


Help please as I have been working on my phone on a script that I had on my machine... I have made some progress on my phone and now I want to save it back on my machine. The problem that I have now is that when I save the latest version to my machine and remove the .fountain file type and try to open in Final Draft, it tells me that the file is not compatible.

I have also tried saving a copy within my phone and saving it directly to fdx, but the fountain suffix is added.

Can someone please help?!?!?! As I don't want to lose the work I've done and I can't find clear instructions here on the website.

Many thanks

Sure! It's mentioned in the "About" menu item, but to save your script as fdx, click AND HOLD the "save" button (the one that looks like a little 3.5" floppy disk). You'll have an option to export to FDX. The file will be exported to your local storage, and from there you can copy to a computer or email it or whatever.

The "trick" is to keep the save button held for about a second, and the export options should then appear.

Hope this helps!