Feature request!

Please add functionality that allows the user to change the default save location so that I can point it to a particular folder for which I have dropbox sync setup.

That would be much appreciated by myself and I'm sure many others.

Many thanks for a wonderful app,


Got it. Looking into it. Need to make sure it's fairly robust.. like if your default is selelcted but then no longer exists (say a subdirectory is removed) it needs to be able to go back to the default... So that's a little extra logic that well be necessary. But definitely looking into it after the version that's coming very soon. Along with some kind of auto-save feature. Which I'm thinking will probably be a simple auto-save when the app goes into the background (or is quit)-- in other words, a default "yes" where it currently asks you if you want to save...

Thanks for the request. Will definitely take the request seriously and try to figure something out.

Thanks very much, that's great!

Any news on this feature? Just started using the app but I'd really like to see this feature to help syncing my scripts across platforms. Even if the app created its own folder to save by default would be helpful. Would also be a lot neater for file management in general than just dumping everything in the root directory too.