Undo Button Gone


Hello. It appears in the most recent update (the 26th of May?), the UNDO button at the top of the WRITER interface has disappeared.

The UNDO/REDO option exists in the "three-dot" menu, but it is very inconvenient to access every time. Also, using a bluetooth keyboard (Microsoft), the Ctrl-Z key command causes a crash (this crshing was a bug before the update, but using the UNDO button at the top was acceptable --BTW all other key commands work, except for Ctrl-Z).

I am using Android 4.4.2 on a Samsung Galaxy tab.

Can you please advise? THank you.

J. Horton

Hey thanks for writing. This is the first I've heard of a Ctrl-Z crash-- do you happen to have a way to provide a "logcat" (Android's log, which would give more information about what causes it)? If you could paste the logcat to gist.github.com, and provide the link here, I could take a look and hopefully address it. You say all the other key commands work-- I'll take another look at the code and see if i see anything suspicious-- it does work for my keyboard, but maybe there's some error being triggered.

As for the number of items that appear at the top before moving into the overflow (three dots) icon-- that is determined by default by Android, and perhaps the default # of items has changed in Material Design apps. That said, I think there's a way to override the default number of items, so I'm actually going to look into that as well, because the more items the better. I just have to make sure it'll work across phones, tablets, etc.

If you could get me the logcat of the crash, that would be very helpful. Does the redo button crash as well? Or just undo?

Thanks again,


Update: Apparently the rule for the icons is that it shouldn't go past halfway the horizontal width of the screen. There is a way to override this behavior so that you "force" icons to appear, but the problem with that it will start to overwrite other elements if there isn't room (such as on smaller devices). My preference would be to catch the ctrl-Z issue, but I'll need a logcat to do that so I can see what the error is...