Source indentation of parentheticals and dialogue is added in view


I’m using DubScript 1.0 (beta 48) on Android 5.0.2 on an HTC One.

When opening a Fountain file in which parentheticals or dialogue is indented, the indentation in view mode is increased by the amount of indentation in the source.

This can easily be reproduced by opening the Brick & Steel script from in Fountain file format

In the second scene the dialogue of Jack and Dan is indented. In DubScript the formatting is broken.

According to the syntax rules on indenting: “Leading tabs or spaces in elements other than Action will be ignored.”

You're right... this is actually a good point, so I'll take a look at fixing it. As long as leading spaces in Actions are respected... which is part of the spec...

I'll report back here when/if it's done :)

Update: It's fixed. The next version will let you indent all you want and will trim whitespace on every element except for Action and the Boneyard... thanks for that feedback! Good catch!