Options Crash


Whenever I try to go into the options menu, for some reason, the app would crash. And this never happened before. Is there any way you could fix this? Thank you. :)

It seems that if I go try writing something, it seems that it would crash as well. Brother.

What version of Android and what device? And explain exactly what you do when it crashes?

Also, do you send a crash report when it happens? It will help identify the issue. If you get this info I'll check it out..

I use a Samsung Galaxy S5 and it's running android version 5.0. I'll give you more information about this when I get home.

Okay-- got it. Well from the errors that I have been reported, this seems to be an error with the new Android "vector graphics" feature not working in version 5.0 of some Galaxy devices. Looks like I'm going to have to include extra .png files for a few images to fix this Samsung issue... Sigh. Okay. Standby. I'm going to have a new version soon!

Hey can you try the alpha I just posted to:



Sure thing. Just one minor problem: Where do I leave my feedback on the test version? I mean I have the test version. The crash issue has been fixed. But where do I leave feedback?

The crash issue is fixed?! Awesome! That's the feedback I needed. If you have anything more to add, feel free to post it here... If you mean feedback as far as via the rating system, you can just go to the main Play Store page and leave it there.

It looks like, for anyone who might be curious about what the issue was-- It appears that some versions of 5.0 had a bug interpreting certain types of graphic files provided by Google as part of their material icon set (particularly the new "vector" graphics that showed up in 5.0). This problem doesn't appear on most devices, but for those that have the problem, it caused a crash. To fix it, I re-imported the files, and as an extra backup precaution I manually included .png files of the vector images, which the build system is supposed to do automatically, but i did just in case.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to now move the fixed version from alpha->production so others get the benefit.