Unable To Read Fountain Files


Unable To Read Fountain Files created in other apps specifically Slugline on mac. I've tired opening the files on other apps that support fountain files (Highland and amazon story writer) and they work fine there. I can open the fountain files created in dubsctipt itself and they'll open on the other apps too.

I'm using a galaxy tab 3 running Android 6.0.1 and also having the same results on my oneplus 2 running 5.1.1

What method are you using to open the file in DubScript? Is the fountain file named with the extension .fountain or .txt? Is it being loaded from an email, from gDrive, dropbox, or directly from the device storage?

The file extention is .fountain. I'm loading directly from the device and i've tired opening by selecting from the file explorer and open with as well as trying to open it from within the app. The toast notification that pops up says "unable to read unreadable or missing file!"

Once upon a time, I was able to import an fdx file if the file was created in Final Draft 8 or older. I have Final Draft 9, and Dubscript doesn't even recognize the fdx files. If I am doing something wrong, please explain to me how to open the file in dubscript.

Okay. I realize now that I can open an fdx file, but not from any other online storage bank. All my screenplays are stored in One Drive. I just opened an fdx file from dropbox and it worked. Tried to open the same one from Google drive and couldn't, and from Microsoft One Drive and couldn't. So, can files only be imported from Dropbox?

Victoriah-- I'm not aware of any changes to the fdx format in final draft 9-- is this a regular screenplay you are saving? When you say the fdx file is not "recognized", do you mean you are unable to initiate DubScript loading it (such as it does not appear on the file list) or do you mean that once you DO select it, it give some kind of error or odd result? (If that's the case, what's the result?) If there was a change that affects some FD9 fdx scripts, I'll have to find a FD9 FDX file and see what the differences are... As a follow up-- is the script you save in FD9 able to be opened in FD8, for example? (and if you resave it in FD8, are you then able to load it in DubScript?) Maybe there's a subtle difference in the formats, for example..

Darragh-- I'm trying to think of something that might explain the issue-- are you able to open and view the file from another Android-based text editor? I'd like to make 100% sure that the file is (A) a text file, and (B) on the device's external storage. If you are loading it from Drive or somewhere else, perhaps it is not being identified as a text file for some reason?

As an experiment, can you try copying/pasting the file from Slugline into TextEdit (or another text editor) and load that to your phone? Another experiment-- can you take the text from slugline, paste it into an email, then copy/paste that into a new DubScript file? The reason I ask is that I'm curious if the issue stems from:

1. Some kind of weird formatting that may have been added by Slugline to the text file (maybe some unusual linefeeds or something, though that should be handled properly)

2. Maybe the MIME type was misidentified somewhere along the line, and so it wasn't saved as text for that reason?

3. if you can open it from another text editor, that would help confirm that what you think is on the file is actually there... copy/pasting it also would kind of help narrow down what the issue is.

Since we're dealing with plain text here, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out where the issue may be-- but any insight you can give me by trying different ways to get the text into the app-- what works and what doesn't-- will be very helpful.

Thanks guys!

Yes. It is a regular screenplay. When I attempt to open the file from One drive, it will show the document (Select file for Dubscript), but when I click on the file to open it, I get "there are no files in this folder than can be used." Now this is only for OneDrive and for Google Drive. I can open it from Dropbox. Just figured that out. Not sure why I can't open it from either of those drives. Should be able to though. Don't really have the space for my screenplays in Dropbox. So, this is an error that needs to be fixed right away.

Ideally it should be able to be opened from either dropbox, onedrive, googledrive, etc. It's actually not DubScript but those particular applications that "announce" the files as text files to the file chooser, which then filters the files, showing only those that appear to be plain text (or XML) files. I remember there was one model of Samsung phones-- maybe it was the s5-- that had a problem with identifying the source and restricting access to only Dropbox-- This was a problem related to the version of Android on the device provided by Samsung, and a software update may help with that. There is a thread relating to that issue on this forum, and a workaround was suggested that might work.

If you don't have that particular device then it sounds as though for some reason OneDrive/GoogleDrive aren't properly identifying your file as a DubScript file. Are you able to email yourself the file and then open from DubScript that way?

Also, is the file, once uploaded to Google Drive, identified as a text file? Here's how you can check:

1. Go to Google Drive
2. Navigate to the fountain or .fdx file and select it.
3. Making sure that the "i" (info) button on the top is selected, you should see on the right-hand side some details of the file that has been selected.

You should see a "Type" of "text" for Fountain files (files should end .fountain). For FDX files (files ending in .fdx) you should see a "Type" of "XML". If you see something other than this (such as "binary") you may want to drag/drop your .fdx file to the directory again and see if it observes the correct type. I'm not as familiar with OneDrive, but if there is a way to identify the file as "text"-- try that and see if it helps.

Please let me know if any of these methods work for you.

I am trying to read the script in Dubscript, and this icon at the bottom keeps scrolling across the screen. After it reaches the up and down arrows, it sends the script back up to the beginning. Is this suppose to happen?

There is a "thumb slider" graphic at the bottom that helps you slide around to quickly navigate around the document. It should move along a little thin grey line. The slider is synced between the Write/Read portions of the app, and so sliding to a place on the Read side, for example, will automatically scroll the other side proportionally.

You can disengage the automatic syncing between read/write if you like. Or if you don't like the quick navigation bar, you can completely hide it in the settings.

If it's abruptly moving the screen the beginning, you may be accidentally hitting the up arrow (?) It's hard to say without seeing it, but it shouldn't just jump to the top unexpectedly. Nevertheless, as I mention, you can get rid of the whole thing if you don't like it :) Just check the settings under Interface->Hide bottom control bar. You can, while you're at it, remove the upper tab bar for more screen real-estate or even move the buttons to the other side, if you are left handed and that's more convenient.


I tried what you suggested about opening file from Google drive, and even when I sent it to myself in an email, it wouldn't allow me access to Dubscript. I kept getting the error message that I don't have an application that can access that file. (Go figure).

Just for clarity's sake, I have checked all the documents to ensure that they all are text files. I have no problem opening any of them in Dubscript from Dropbox. It is indeed a fact that they all are text files and all can be opened in Dubscript, just not from Onedrive or Google drive.

I can't say that the issue could be with my Samsung Note 4 by restricting access, because even on my Asus transformer, it does the same thing. I can't access any file from oneDrive or from Google drive. (Sorry, I had to test that theory out). So, I'm drawing the conclusion that perhaps both oneDrive and Googledrive restrict access, although I don't know why Google would given that the only place to get Dubscript is on Google Play. Anyway, I think I need to do some research on why we can't open files from One drive or Google drive. Whatever I find out, I will definitely post it. Thanks a bunch.


Thanks for trying. I have tested it on a Note 4 (with CyanogenMod, not Samsung's native Touchwiz OS) and haven't had a problem with Google Drive. Fountain and FDX files both work.... It's a very strange thing. You say you can open the file with other text editing apps as well?

Please do let me know if you discover a solution. The same mechanism is used to read from Dropbox as it is on Google drive, as far as DubScript is concerned. That is, the exact same code would be used to load one file rather than the other, so I'm at a loss as to why it would work with one and not the other. Could it possibly be related to a setting/preference on your phone that has to do with selecting the "default app" for a particular file type? Is there a way to reset your defaults? Another idea to that effect-- what happens if you go to Settings->Apps->DubScript and clear all preferences? (This shouldn't touch script files you have on your external storage-- only internal DubScript files such as settings, the emergency backup file, etc. should be cleared out).

The reason DubScript uses your external storage for script files is so that you can easily load/save them with other apps-- see if you have the same issue with another text file editor (?)

Alright. I figured out how to open my .fdx files from onedrive and from Googledrive.

First, make sure the Dubscript app is not running. It must be closed before you access the file you want to open in the app.
Select the file from the drive (Onedrive or GoogleDrive) you want to open.
A pop up will appear with available apps that will open the file extension (in this case, .fdx) and choose Dubscript.
Set Dubscript as the default application by simply choosing "always" at the bottom of the screen.
Whenever you access an .fdx file from either of these drives, your document will download into Dubscript.
Note: As long as you are not attempting to access the file you want to open in Dubscript from the Dubscript app, you will be able to open it from anywhere (given any other drive other than Dropbox). Only dropbox files are accessible from the app. You can even open multiple files in Dubscript from the other drives as well, after the drive itself opens the app.

Problem: If the application is open, none of the above will take place.
If you try to open a .fdx file from the app, it will not allow you to unless you are selecting a file stored in Dropbox.
I have tried to access files in OneDrive, Google Drive, Cloud On, and iCloud Drive, and was not able to from the application.
I closed the app, opened the drive, accessed the file from these drives and believe it or not, they opened in Dubscript.

Resolution: Fix the app. There is truly a bug there. You can even start with the file icon at the top of the menu.

I have that issue while typing. One moment i can see what i type. The next i can not. Why is that? Using android app.

Arnie Cunningham: Has it ever occurred to you that part of being a parent is tryin' to kill your kids?

What size screen are you using? Is it possible the soft keyboard is overrunning the typing area? If you hit the "back" button and eliminate the keyboard, does the text return? Have you tried changing to a smaller font?


I'm attempting to use dubscript on a google pixel C.

When I tap the Open icon, it goes great to Google Drive, which is great.

However, it will only allow me to select files with the .FDX extension.

Files named something.txt or something.fountain are greyed out

How do i open them?

Hmm. It's possible that the files are being misidentified by the MIME type, which may have happened depending on how you uploaded the file to Drive or if you are using a special editor to edit them.

Try this: Go to drive.google.com and highlight the file. If you click on the "i" information box, under "Type" you should see it identified as "text", not "binary file" or some other format.

Whenever I save my script in pdf format, each page has "dubscript for android www.dubscript.com" at the top of each page. Is there any way to get rid of that? I'm not going to be able to submit to anyone if that's there. Thanks for your help in advance.

Anthony M. Carey

Yeah-- as mentioned in the app description on the Play store as well as in the app itself-- the 99¢/mo subscription removes the ads as well as the PDF header. If you only want 30 days of PDFs without the header, you can cancel immediately, or any time you feel like it. You can also remove the header/ads for a year if that's more convenient.

Also, apps such as Trelby can export Fountain to PDF, so if the 99c subscription is too expensive, you can look into other alternatives.

Thanks in advance for the support!

Ok thanks. If I pay the 99cents, will it remove the header from all previous pages of the script, or just the pages typed from that day forward?

Anthony M. Carey

Should work for all pages going back forever-- the way it works is that it checks to see if the subscription is active, and if so, at the time it renders the page to PDF (that is, when you press the button) it will skip creating the header at the top. The subscription is meant to be as convenient as possible-- if you don't think you'll need it beyond 30 days, you can cancel whenever by just pressing a button. Then if a couple months from now you want to re-subscribe, you can do it then. That way you only pay for what you use.

Thanks for the support!