Czech Language

Hi, I found user comment on Google Play, asking why your app is only English. I am from Czech Republic and I want to help with translation into Czech. I can try translate everything you want to have full translated modification of app. I am not professional translator, I am just excited to help you ;) Please answer me here, or mail me to

Thanks. Have a nice day!

Hey Tom--

Thanks for the offer-- I'd like to have DubScript translated into as many languages as possible! I'll contact you as soon as I come up for air from the current round of improvements. That way you can have the latest list of english text for all the current additions :)

Thanks again for the kind offer!



Thanks :D after few months, I am still here with my offer :D I hope so, you still want to collaborate. Please mail me if you have your previous stuff completed :DD if I am soon here, I'll just wait for mail :p

Yes, TomPayer! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten-- I will mail you soon-- the strings contained in the app have been constantly changing with the addition of some new features, so I don't want to bother you until they're ready. But within the next month or so there should be a new alpha which will contain some new features.

Thanks again for volunteering. For what it's worth, I'm considering using the Google Translator Toolkit, which is Google's web interface for doing translations. Think this is the best thing to use? Or is there something better?

Oh thanks :D okey, I'm waiting. I have no experience with Google translator toolkit, but I'll check it ;) Seems cool.

Hey Tom!

So the new version is out and being tested and I *think* is now ready for a translation pass. I'm going to set up the strings.xml file and make it available for translation in the next few days. If you happen to see this, let me know. Otherwise I'll drop you an email..

Thanks for volunteering!