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RC44 (12/8/18)

This test version of DubScript takes a leap forward with Android 9 Pie support, theme/color improvements, better Chromebook support, stability improvements, smaller install, faster performance, better support for old devices, voice-to-text uses default system language, new Jetpack libraries, and new typefaces, bringing the total count to 808 fonts!

Is it possible to use dubscript on a laptop or is it only available on androids

Krystal Keith

The short answer is that DubScript is written for Android, which is predominantly used on tablets and phones. Android is also appearing soon on many Chromebook laptops as well.

More important, DubScript uses a plaintext format for screenplays, so you don't need ANY special software to write scripts that DubScript can read. You can use a plain text editor like Notepad, TextEdit, an Email program, or whatever you like. There are even dedicated laptop text editors specifically for writing screenplays in the same Fountain format DubScript uses for Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can find a list of them here.

You can also use the share button to forward a copy of your script to cloud devices or via email.

Next, if you feel adventurous-- try DubScript's beta channel. The newest testing version supports saving DIRECTLY to the cloud, which means you can use something like Box or Google Drive, which can be accessed from laptops. Just be sure to read the note about using the cloud, as there are certain situations -- such as when you save from two devices simultaneously-- that may behave differently in different cloud services.

Here's yet ANOTHER way to do it-- you can write directly in Google Docs from whatever devices you like (even simultaneously from multiple devices or with multiple people), then copy/paste the resulting text into DubScript for editing, formatting, or exporting to .fdx or .pdf (which you can, of course, save to the cloud or on your device). The new testing version has a feature that should "clean up" pasted text from Google Docs, which on some devices would otherwise have extra returns and whitespace characters when pasted.

As you can see, the openness of the plain text format that DubScript uses makes it pretty simple to use on other devices, including laptops in all operating systems. Hope this answers your question!

I have had Subscript for over a year now but I just tried to use it after a while and it doesn't let me write. When I slide to WRITE, it asks me to save on my internal storage but won't save on SD card and after that, my keyboard doesn't come up for me to type .

Hey there!

Assuming you're using the same version of DubScript for the last year or so (there hasn't been an update for about 2 months, though one is coming pretty soon), I'd have to imagine that the issue here is something with the SD Card itself. Can you try:

(1) checking to make sure it's not full? Use a File Manager app to do this, or you can try saving a picture or document from another app to see if it has a problem...

(2) replacing the SD Card with a larger one? This would fix problems with reaching capacity as well as any issues with the SD Card media being damaged.

(3) Saving to another non-SD Card location? Did you try saving to the cloud as a test? You could save to your Google Drive account or any other supported cloud service.

You also mentioned that the keyboard doesn't come up for you to type. Is this the case for ALL apps or just for DubScript? The keyboard is actually provided by Android itself, not DubScript, so a few things you can try at the system level include replacing the keyboard (try the Hacker's Keyboard or another one) temporarily to switch from one keyboard to another. Also, did you try a system reset? Maybe Android's input system got glitchy, in which case a system restart should hopefully fix it.

Please provide any more details on whether other apps seem to be affected as it's unusual for a program to misbehave after working for years unless some other factor has changed (broken system, updated software, media failure, or full SD Card)...

Hope this helps!