Edit screenplay and reports


Can I edit a uploaded script? All the features that you state on "Google Play" statistics aand reports etc. is that only accessible when I create a new script? I have a moto 4 E andriod 7.1 smartphone.

You can indeed edit an existing script-- it needs to be in plain text format. If it's currently written in:

* Final Draft (FDX) --- you can read it with DubScript and convert it from the menu to plain text (and get reports or edit from there). When done you can convert back to .fdx if you like.

* Trelby -- another scriptwriting program-- this one can convert into Fountain (the text markup for DubScript).

If it's written in text already, just name it so it ends in ".fountain". Or if you have any other format, just export it as plain text and see if it works.

You can read the file off the device, out of an email (if you send it to yourself) or from cloud services like Google Drive.

Once you're editing it as a text file, you can go to "Info" and you'll get the various reports (character lists, scene lists) as well as a bunch of stats.

Hope this helps!