For MrLizardKing1

The problem happens as it follows: I write the whole thing, and when I go to "Print & PDF", there's a small conversion button titled "PDF". I usually hit it and save it on the cell phone's files. But as of right now, when I hit it, the two circles on the screen just keep rolling, and a message pops up: "Failed. Try Again". I try and the same thing happens. It's a vicious cycle. And such a thing never happened before for seven-and-a-half months, until last night. Shame, 'cause I like this app.

So I'm moving the discussion here because I have a huge space limit in those replies. I'll expand a bit now that I have the space...

So the app itself didn't change. There are beta releases that have been released lately, but nothing since I believe July (although a new beta should be coming soon with some new features you'll hopefully enjoy!)

It may be your recent system update somehow broke the PDF create ability (which is a low level Android function). I have no idea why they would have broken it, but sometimes OEM's release updates to the system (ie, Android) that break things that were previously working and it's VERY annoying.

If you make it to the place where you save the PDF, try choosing a different location to save the PDF or save to Google Drive to eliminate the possibility that storage is full or that the storage on your device itself is damaged.

Another thought-- can you create PDFs of OTHER scripts? If so, perhaps something is unusual with your text-- maybe some kind of rogue character snuck in that is causing the error? If you don't mind experimenting-- try saving a PDF with a simple "one line" script to see if the output is successful.

If so, one thing you might try to identify the issue is to try making a PDF of ONLY THE FIRST HALF of the script. If it is successful, you know there's something in the second half of the script that is causing the problem. Try adding half of the remaining script back. If it is successful, then the problem must be in the 2nd half of the 2nd half (if that makes sense). If it won't print, then there's something in the half you added that is causing the problem! You can keep adding or removing pieces of the text to see if there's some kind of character or something that is triggering this problem.

Obviously SAVE A BACKUP before you start chopping up the script like that! And if you find what may be causing the error, please let me know.

One other idea-- try the latest beta as it eliminated some rare issues. You can sign up for the beta from the Play Store and you'll have a more recent version.

I also suggested if you're in a time crunch to try a different Android device, the latest beta, and/or find another app at that can also do the PDF conversion. Fountain is an open format, so there are plenty of programs for various operating systems that you can use-- I think there are even some all-browser solutions to make a PDF- although I have to say, I think DubScript's pagination in particular is pretty great!

Stay tuned, because in the next week or so the latest beta will come out-- and it has a LOT of new stuff! Thanks so much for the great review and keep me posted on whether you find a solution.