Importing past scripts

I have finished writing a few scripts and they saved as .fountain I went to check on them and I can't import them back to Dubscript if this is not a feature please add it as now I can't even load my scripts.

You should be able to open an old .fountain file. What type of issue are you seeing? Where did you save the file to, and what happens when you try to open it?


When I click to open .fountain it says you dont have any apps that can open this type of file. I saved it to my files from when you first create a screenplay.


1. If this is a chromebook, you may need to select the types of visible files (change to All Files */*). On most chromebooks this is an option on the bottom left of the file-picker screen.

2. If this is an android phone/tablet, are you sure you're looking at the same location or folder where you saved the file originally? You can swipe from the left on most versions of Android to see the various Locations such as the local sdcard, the download directory, Google Drive directories, etc. Perhaps it is saved in another location?

3. When you say "you don't have any apps that can open this type of file"-- do you have DubScript installed on the device, and are you opening the file from within DubScript? If not, try to do so.