Hello there, me again

I have a scene where a character is giving a monologue, then we cut to another scene where that character is talking again, and Dubscript reader automatically formats the script to CHARACTER (CONT'D). But I don't want this, as it's not a continuation.

Is there a way to turn this off please?


You can turn it of in the settings-- turn off "Auto-Add (CONT'D)" in the "Reader" setting.

The "CONT'D"s should be reset though from scene to scene. Are you seeing it continue between scenes (ie, when there are new sluglines?)

The problem was that because I was double-asterisking my slug-lines to make them bold Reader wasn't recognising them as sluglines.

So an option in the preferences to make sluglines bold would be amazing!


Ah cool-- a quick note that you can force any line to be a slug-line by adding a period (.) at the beginning. So you could both bold a slugline AND let DubScript know it's definitely a slugline with the period.

I'll look at adding a "make sluglines bold" pref-- will probably add transitions to that option as they usually get bolded together (ie, "CUT TO:")..

Thanks for the feedback!

That would be lovely! Thanks Ron!

So the "make sluglines bold" setting is now added to the code. Look for it to come to the beta hopefully soon, so if you're not signed up for that yet, you can do so here.

And it's in the beta as of now! Give it a shot and let me know if it works for ya.

Hi Ron. That works.
I do however have a small issue with it.
Directly after some sluglines I have a note for sound effect reading something like this...

*SFX- Alarm clock*

WHen I do this it won't see the slugline as a slugline and won't bold it - even if I put a . a before it. I have to resort to my old method of .**INT. BEDROOM - DAY** to get it to work.

It works okay if I add a line between the slugline and the SFX line but I'd rather not do this as it creates too much empty space in the script.