B35 came out, and now you can edit...

After a bit of a programming marathon, DubScript now lets you *EDIT* screenplays using the Fountain screenplay standard (http://www.fountain.io)! Swipe right to go to edit mode. Then swipe left to have DubScript auto-format your screenplay for reading. You can also share Fountain-formatted scripts with others. And DubScript exports your .fountain script to .fdx (Final Draft) too.


In the NEW “Write” screen:

• Compose/edit .fountain formatted screenplays
• Integrated spell-checker
• Swipe-to-view formatted in “View” screen
• Save/rename to local storage
• Export to Final Draft 8/9 (.fdx)
• Share your scripts with others via email/gmail/gdrive/etc.
• Vastly improved auto-open from other apps
• Customize font, text size, and colors (similar to “View” screen)
• “Undo”/”Redo” in editor
• Hard-keyboard shortcuts for common features (save, copy/paste, auto-uppercase, etc.)
• Internal “Rescue mode” saves point backup every ~500 changed characters
• Auto-add common “screenplay” words such as “int.” and “ext.” to user dictionary

Added to the original “View” features:

• Fountain formatting improvements
• Page numbering for Fountain scripts (in settings)
• Lock scrollbars to the Write screen
• Non-Fountain screenplay formats (.fdx, .trelby, etc.) still supported
• NO ads in “view” mode, so continue to read uninterrupted.

The “Speech” screen now has…

• Stability improvements (a few crashers fixed)
General improvements:
• New splash animation
• Font/graphic/icon refresh
• Layout changes and cleanup
• Stability fixes throughout
• Word and byte counts
• Built using newest Google tools to support Android 2.2 (Froyo) -> 4.4 (KitKat)