Text size on formatted view


On my tablet the text is formatted too small. Sometimes a zoom option will appear sometimes not. The text should have matched margins in portrait mode. It's also too small on landscape mode. I am a samsung Galaxy tab 3 , 8 inch version. Thanks Ron. Thanks for fixing the repeating page issue all is well with that issue now.

do you have a screenshot showing the text size? I tried it on a few screen sizes and it was all okay. One of the issue is is that they're two different systems that are displaying the content on version 4.4 on up and then also on older versions. So I'm trying to support two systems at once. But I tried it on Froyo, Gingerbread, and KitKat both on a phone and on the tablet size and it seems to work okay. But a screenshot would be really helpful.

I'm not sure what you mean by the margins problem. If you could take a screenshot and then draw arrows on it to show me what you're talking about that would be really really helpful.

I'm glad to hear the page problem is fixed- it was just a stupid wrong variable situation. Easily repaired.

I sent you a picture of the margin, did you get it? It is formatted incorrectly. The text itself is not the right size. the font could be increased or zoomed in. but the right side has a big gap. It should have the same amount of margins on both sides.

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Can you resend? The page should be at 100%, meaning the full size of the font. I'm not sure if you're able to zoom beyond that, but I can always play with giving you the ability to go bigger. You may want to export to .html and play with the CSS and see if you get something you like better in a browser. It might be helpful in adjusting the font display to what you think makes more sense.

Okay, I've enabled zoom to 4x the original font size, which should be more than enough. It'll be added to the next version, coming relatively soon.


Yes now the zoom works but now I have to zoom in to read it. then swipe to the margin, then swipe again to get to edit text. This margin wasn't a problem before.
The text should be zoomed in already with only half a centimeter margin on both sides. Imagine I want to constantly be flipping from reading to writing. I don't need to zoom in to read a really tiny word. Just make the text autofit the screen. I tested it on kit kat and its fine. just jellybean has the problem on my tab 3 8 inch samsung.

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Ok I'm not trying to confuse you. The margins should be half a centimeter or so on both sides in portrait mode. Then keep that same size or maybe slightly bigger in landscape. Maybe you could put a transparent lock next to the zoom buttons to lock in a zoom if its too hard to make a screens compatible. You should always be able to swipe over to edit and not have to swipe to get past a large margin then swipe again to edit.

Thanks for the hard work Ron.

Hey, get back to work.

Hi there, I have got exactly the same problem: In my words: The previewed text only spans about one fourth of the complete display width. So you have to zoom in whenever the text is reformated, which is very annoying! I am using Android 4.3. on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition). This problem is new and did not exist in previous versions of dubscript! Take care, Malte

Hey MalteS-- there are some big changes coming in the new version of DubScript-- fixing this will be one of them. Stay tuned..