Spell check


I'm a few pages in, and I've just noticed that nothing is being done about my awful spelling.

It states there's a spell check feature, but I can't seem to locate anything within the app.

Can anybody help?


I'm not sure which device you are using, but you should see a red line underneath any misspelled text, provided that it is supported and enabled in your version of Android... Are you not seeing this? Are you able to see it in other apps (such as Gmail?)

I see red line miss-spelled words in all other apps but not in DubScript. I am using a Samsung Galaxy SM-T580. What am I missing

Not sure why you're seeing this problem. The spell check red squiggle does appear on my Samsung Galaxy 910T (the Note 4). Different versions of Android may behave slightly differently, however, depending on defaults that the vendor has selected. That said, you can try turning on auto-suggestions, which can help you determine the correct spelling of most words-- it's in the Settings under the Writer submenu. See if this option makes any difference and please report back!

Thanks so much,