Number scenes

Good evening,
I use Dubscript and I find It fantastic. I have a question: in the future, Dubscript users can autonumber scenes with only one command?
Thank you very much

Hey thanks for the kind words! A scene auto-numbering seems pretty doable--- let's think about how it might work. One option might be to have a single option in the edit menu called "Renumber scenes" that would add a sequential scene number to every scene starting at 1. This seems pretty doable actually.

Here's a thought-- if you have already numbered the scenes or some of the scenes (say by hand or from a previous renumber) and now the option is chosen, do you think it should discard the previous numbering and overwrite them with new numbers? Or should it somehow "honor" the previously numbered scenes somehow? Maybe there would be a screen to ask you if you want to clobber over old numbers or only fill in any unnumbered scenes? (This could get confusing though-- say you have ten scenes and you've numbered them all. Now you insert a scene between say scenes 9 and 10. So filling in new scenes would result in scenes 9, 11, and then 10 in that order.) It also occured to me some people number scenes with letters, like 1A and 1B etc. So for simplicity maybe it's better to just erase all old numbers and start over?

Feel free to chime in on how to handle already existing numbers, or if you're simply asking for a "start from scratch" renumbering, I can take a look at doing that in the next revision or so.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi Ron,
thanks for your answer. Honestly I think is better owerwrite number scenes, if I have already numbered the scenes or some of the scenes, and the option is chosen. With this option Dubscript will be, in my opinion, the best screenwriting app ever, fixing before another little bug about title page (I'll write about this in another post).
Congratulation for your work and sorry for my approssimative english


So good news. I just added two new features:

* Renumber Scenes -- this will overwrite all scenes starting at 1 to the end.

also, for fun (and to help me test) I also added:

* Strip all Scene Numbers -- This does what it suggests.

I want to do a bit more testing, but I'll push this to the next beta in a day or so, so be sure to sign up for the beta in the Play Store to let me know if it works correctly for ya!



Wow! I'm a beta tester and I aspect with trepidation the new beta with number scene. I think it will work!
Thank you, Ron!

It's up! Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you...


Hi Ron.
It works very well for me.

Glad it works. Thanks for the suggestion!