Read and Write options not showing

Greetings, DubScripters:

Apologies if this has already been covered-I went to open a script I've been working on, to do some more writing. I'm not seeing the "READ" and "WRITE" options showing up in the top menu bar. I'm using a Samsung Note 9 (Android) - I also have a Plan B, but it's pretty work-intensive, and I'd much rather just be able to get the aforementioned WRITE feature to cooperate.



Is it possible that you turned them off in the Settings? There is an option to do just that, and maybe you have accidentally flipped the switch?

Incidentally, the option was put there because some people are writing on very tiny phones and need every pixel for writing-- you can always swipe between Read and Write with your finger (or a mouse/trackpad).

Hope this is helpful!

Hello! I just wanna to ask you guys if there's any way you can add another system to format the transitions.

Because it's hard to write transitions like "FADE TO BLACK:" or "FADE OUT" as these do not end with "TO:"

Any way, thanks for making the best app to create scripts!

Hey- first off, thanks for the kind words.

Try starting the transition with a greater-than symbol:


See the Transition dox for more!

Thanks again,