DubScript won't allow me to write past 11 pages

I've been a DubScript Android user for a little while, and I love the app. My issue: went to edit one of my script pages, and the app will not allow me to go past 11 pages. I'm using it on a LGv10 Android v6.0 OS. What do I do to fix this?

> I've been a DubScript Android user for a little while, and I love the app.

First off, thanks for that!

You mention you're using an LG device-- I'm not sure if you saw this thread, but apparently some LG phones have a bug (or deliberate limitation, not sure) involving LG limiting the entry of text to 10500 characters on some devices, for, as far as I can tell, no good reason.

One workaround to this, is to edit in chunks, though admittedly that is unsatisfying and not a very good long-term solution. Another is to see if an update is available from LG-- if not, maybe consider using a replacement version of Android, such as CyanogenMod, (this version is for the T-Mobile LG V10). CyanogenMod is very close to stock Android and should not impose this limit.

One way you can test to see if this is in fact a bug/limit by LG is to try to copy/paste your script into a fresh email (or another text editor) and see if you can type beyond the limit. If you cannot, then this is likely a system-wide issue from LG. If so, I would definitely write to LG and complain.

As an aside, I am seeing reports for the v10 that there are limitations in texting lengths as well.

Do let me know how the paste test works. Also, just out of curiousity-- what happens if you exceed the 11 pages? Does it just stop letting you enter new text? Does copy/paste new text work?

This is, to be clear, not how DubScript is supposed to work-- there's no built-in limit-- so if it's something that can be fixed in the app, I'll do my best to help!

Thx for reporting this!