1.0 RC3 Testing Version Released!

For those who are interested in seeing a peek into the next version, and don't mind being on the bleeding edge, sign up for the testing version, which has a host of brand-new features and bug-fixes, including:

+ New: Save-direct-to-cloud (details in app)
+ New: Local multi-backups
+ New: A4 paper size
+ New: Google Docs™ paste repair
+ New: Freeform & multiwindow support
+ New: Android 7.0 Nougat support
+ Latest tools & libraries
+ UI updates
+ More bug fixes & stability & speed

As you can see, there are a lot of new features (and tons of new code) here, so please make frequent off-device backups! A new forum thread has been created to facilitate bug reports and discussion!

Read some quick notes "below the fold"....

Some quick notes--

CLOUD SAVING (by popular demand)

The cloud save feature uses Android's native Storage Access Framework on Android Kit Kat and higher, so any app that supports saving text documents using this method should work. Each cloud service determines for itself how best to handle situations such as when the network is unavailable or if multiple devices save to the same location (called "collisions" or "version conflicts"). Often the last file to be uploaded "wins", overwriting previous versions.

Cloud services may vary in features and behavior-- some retain a revision history for each file in case of conflicts. Other services may not save properly if you are disconnected from the Internet. It is very important, therefore to check your cloud service's policy and understand its behavior.

If you're unsure or have cloud-related privacy or network consumption concerns, the best practice is to always use local storage.


Google Docs™ is a great way to write collaboratively with a writing partner and to keep a constant revision history. Unfortunately, text pasted from Google Docs™ may have incorrect double-spacing or complex "space bar" character formatting that need to be simplified for Fountain files. The Fix Google Docs™ option in the Write section should automatically address these issues. To use, just copy/paste your text into DubScript and then select the Fix Google Docs™ menu item.


DubScript saves locally-stored backups to your device as you edit. The files are saved as (1) your file changes by at least 500 characters, or when you save the script, either (2) manually, or (3) if you have turned on auto-save.

Should you need to recover from a backup, choose the Script Recovery menu item and attempt to recover your script from the local recovery backup list.

You can adjust the maximum number of saves retained in the list by adjusting DubScript's settings. The default is to keep the most recent 100 saves. Note that the saved backups will be erased should you uninstall DubScript or clear its data.


As requested on this site by users, DubScript now allows you to use standard letter size OR the A4 size more commonly used in Europe. This option is found in the settings.


Now DubScript uses the new permissions model introduced in Marshmallow, and attempts to minimize the scope of file permissions needed when possible. Also, multiwindow support and freefloating window support is enabled for non-touch devices, and other N support has been integrated as well.


There is a new startup screen, replacement icons were added, there were several documentation fixes, fast hardware scrolling is now default on KitKat and higher, fixes to rare crashers added, a bug fix related to bluetooth keyboards w/ undo/redo has been addressed, a page count issue related to the use of lyrics was also fixed. And many many other smaller fixes are also included.


If you choose to try this testing version, please be sure to back up frequently! Please leave any thoughts, good or less-good, in the forum topic.


We've had one volunteer-- we need more! If you're bilingual and want to see a version of DubScript in your language, please leave a note in the forum. Once any major issues are addressed, translation will become the next big effort for any volunteers who want to help!