missing dialog


Hi, I recently had an issue in read mode. I was missing dialog that was shown in the write mode but did not appear in read mode.
The character name was shown but the dialog underneath was missing. Then in another spot the dialog would not format correctly on reading. I would only show as action. These issues both seem to happen a the end of a page if that helps. The 1st problem only showed up in your app. When I converted to pdf the missing dialog was there. Very strange. By the way, does the paid version only remove ads? Or are there other benefits?


Thanks for writing! A few questions:

* What device and version of Android is this? And RC12 of DubScript?
* Can you verify that there are now extra spaces in the lines above or below? If its a character speaking, you need to ensure that there is an empty blank line before. If you have a space and then a newline, it will not count. So make sure every line doesn't end with some extra spaces, especially the blank lines. It really needs to be a blank line with nothing in it.
* Do you have a sample snippet of text that you can show has this issue? If so, could you replace it with dummy text (so as to not include any portion of an actual script for your privacy/security), then paste the small portion of bad text that does this to gist.github.com or pastebin.com? Then you can post a link here, and I can try to use it reproduce the issue.

The paid version removes the banner ads, yes-- and the watermark at the top of the PDFs. In every other way, you already have 100% of the features with nothing hidden or disabled...

Finally, if you're not using the beta, there's a new RC13 in the beta channel to try out. It's mostly the same, but has some improved logic on the page breaking that you might find helps too.