Help recovering a script

I recently switched phones and I am unable to find my script on either my Google drive or my dubscript app. I spent hours doing it and didn't write notes. I really dont want to start over. Where can I look or what should I do to recover it?

There are many options for transferring a script from one device to another. Where did you choose to save your script on Phone #1? If you chose to save it on that phone's internal storage, that's where it should be-- you can email yourself a copy with the Share button using Phone #1. Then open it on Phone #2 via your email program.

Or, you can also copy/paste to a Google Doc which can be accessed on both phones.

If on Phone #1 you had chosen to save your script directly to a cloud service such as Google Drive rather than to your local storage, you should be able to just open the file directly from that cloud service in Phone #2. First make sure you have the cloud app on phone #2, then try pressing the "Open" icon in Phone #2 (the icon looks like a little screenplay) and then be sure to reveal the sidebar in the File Picker section to show Google Drive as a source and open your file that way.

Hope this is helpful!