Help recovering a script

I recently switched phones and I am unable to find my script on either my Google drive or my dubscript app. I spent hours doing it and didn't write notes. I really dont want to start over. Where can I look or what should I do to recover it?

There are many options for transferring a script from one device to another. Where did you choose to save your script on Phone #1? If you chose to save it on that phone's internal storage, that's where it should be-- you can email yourself a copy with the Share button using Phone #1. Then open it on Phone #2 via your email program.

Or, you can also copy/paste to a Google Doc which can be accessed on both phones.

If on Phone #1 you had chosen to save your script directly to a cloud service such as Google Drive rather than to your local storage, you should be able to just open the file directly from that cloud service in Phone #2. First make sure you have the cloud app on phone #2, then try pressing the "Open" icon in Phone #2 (the icon looks like a little screenplay) and then be sure to reveal the sidebar in the File Picker section to show Google Drive as a source and open your file that way.

Hope this is helpful!

Your app deleted over 20 hours of my created work! When I went to recover the files, 10 were listed. I pulled the file, the app crashed again and all files were gone!!! Gone!!!

DubScript is programmed to create point-saves (you can configure the amount of such saves) to your local device storage as you edit. This should occur as (1) your script changes by at least 500 characters, or when you save the script, either (2) manually, or (3) if you have turned on auto-save. After 20 hours of continuous writing, it would make sense there would be many more than ten backups.

So just to be sure we're talking about the same thing-- these backups are accessed in the "Write" screen, under the"Script Recovery" menu item. If the backups appear there in the list, you select the one you want and can see details about this point backup. To recover the backup to a file, you'd choose "Recover from Local Backup" then enter a new name for the file. (Don't save on top of any existing files, just in case). You tried this and it didn't work?

And this probably goes without saying-- but just want to be sure you DID originally save the script to your LOCAL phone and not to the cloud via Google Drive or another cloud app. If you were saving to the cloud, you should find the file there.

A few more questions:

1. You said there was a file on your device that you think has the script but that could not be opened. If for whatever reason the file won't open in DubScript-- DubScript uses plain text files-- did you also try opening this file with another plain-text editor app? Or mail the file to yourself by appending it as an attachment to an email (say, Gmail), then try opening it on another computer? (You are viewing this file with a File Manager app, I assume? Files saved by DubScript are generally accessible to other apps that can read text files, and can be attached to emails.)
2. When you open this file now, you currently experience a crash?
3. What had you been doing when you first had the issue? Had you done any recent software updates, do you run a "rooted" device, or any experimental software?
4. Have you had any other issues with the device? This is an issue that has never been reported before-- it possible your device itself is having storage corruption issues? Could you be out of storage space on your phone? This should trigger an error when saving, but something to check anyway.
5. Did you try saving each of ten of the backups you said you were able to see?
6. Did you see any errors at all when the program was saving the file as you edited?
7. Did you by chance forward yourself in-progress versions of the script off-device via the Share option or by copy/pasting to another app, etc.? (I'm only asking to jog your memory in case you'd forgotten doing this.)

Another suggestion- perhaps you could try updating to the beta version to see if it works? Sometimes a fresher, more up-to-date version can address issues if the app was somehow installed incorrectly.