.fdx files undiscoverable/hidden


I've recently downloaded Dubscript onto my Inspiron 3181 ChromeBook. I want to open a file in the 'read' section of the app but when I search fo the .fdx file currently on my hard drive, nothing appears to be there.

Ive uninstalled the app more than once. Restarted twice. And i've changed my Files viewer settings to show hidden files. I'm unsure about how to move forward with solutions.

Any help would be appreciated.

Some of the updates to Chrome OS now make you specifically choose what file extensions it shows in the list. There's a little pulldown in the file picker that let's you view only txt files, or images, or whatever. You may just need to tell it to show All Files and then it should appear.

The fact that this is a new "feature" and that the default is a blank area makes it hard to know why your files suddenly don't appear. I wish they had made this more clear.

Hope this helps!