What are the keyboard shortcuts for the editor?


Using a mouse & keyboard? Note that in Android, copy/paste commands are performed by long-touching a selected area and choosing from the menu.

These shortcuts should work in Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and newer.

Button Command Key Combo
Info About DubScript Ctrl-I
How To Use Fountain Ctrl-H
Save Changes Ctrl-S
Save Current Screenplay as New File Shift+Ctrl-S
Create New Screenplay Ctrl-N
Undo last change Ctrl-Z
Redo last change Shift+Ctrl-Z
n/a Select all text Ctrl-A
n/a Copy selected text Ctrl-C
n/a Cut selected text Ctrl-X
n/a Paste selected text Ctrl-V
n/a Selected text to uppercase Ctrl-K

Update 8-11-14! There are actually a lot more shortcuts. Check out the app for the full list. One of note is that you can hold SHIFT and hit return to turn the entire line you just typed to upper-case!