Writing: Field only one row high



on my Galaxy Tab 10 (first edition, GT-P7500) with Android 4.0.4 writing does notbwork correctly. The edit field does not take the whole screen (minus keyboard). It only shows one row.

There seems to be a workaround: if I turn off bottom and top bar, the height is correct.


Jens Woinowski

Hey Jens--

Could you possibly take a screenshot of the issue? Don't include any script content, you can just put in dummy text, but something that illustrates the problem?

Also, a new version is coming very soon. Let me know if this addresses the issue.




I don't see an option to upload :-) Do I miss something?

As admin you should see my email. Just mail me and I'll send the screenshot.


From re-reading your message, it seems there may be an issue with the layout if the edit area is only one line long. Is this the case in both landscape and portrait?

Easiest method for uploading an image is probably just to upload it to imgur.com and post the resulting link. Be sure to use the latest version of DubScript (it just came out yesterday) which is beta 43. Also be sure to use "dummy text" and not important/sensitive screenplay content.