Quick RC12... better pagination...

RC12 is the same as RC11 with the sole exception of

+ a patch that improves page break detection on dialogue.

See, normally, a page is broken along long dialogue blocks at the end of a sentence, but the paginator was being thrown on words like "Mr." and "Ms." and "Dr." which look grammatically like they may be end of sentences, but are actually abbreviations. So hopefully for most cases, the page won't break.

Please report any bugs to the forum!!

RC10 Standing By...

RC10 is on its way to the beta channel... here's what's new in this version.

+ Added a new "watermark" feature. This should be supported on Android 5.0+. A watermark is a way to visually designate a PDF of your screenplay as having been created for a particular person. To use this, just go to the settings and under "General", select the "Watermark" option and type in some text. It should appear in a light grey diagonally across every page. Note this feature is only available to-- everyone-- subscribers or not. All the DubScript features are free :)
+ Major fixes to pagination for PDFs. Dialogue breaking is smarter... and more.
+ Now when you search, if you're on a hard keyboard, you can type ENTER/RETURN on the keyboard instead of having to press the "Find" or "Search" button.
+ Slight optimizations here and there. Minor bug fixes.
+ More compatibility stuff for Nougat 7.1
+ Built with the new "Jack" system using Java 1.8 instead of 1.7. This may not have much of a benefit to the final product, but then again, who knows?
+ New libraries and build tools. As improvements come from Google, DubScript incorporates them.

Be sure to read older messages to learn what's been added since the official release version (RC2): Please report any new issues discovered to The Forum. Thanks and enjoy!