Biggest Update In A Year Rolling Out Now!

After dozens of beta releases, the first major release in a year is rolling out! Let's get right to the highlights!

✓ New: Dark theme (see Settings)
✓ New: Dialog browser (see Help & Info | Character Report)
✓ Refined UI, new settings screen, better "section" element view
✓ Improved pagination, speech, comments, FDX export, file size warning
✓ Android 10 ready
✓ +39 writing fonts (total: 847)
✓ Improved on Chromebook & foldables
✓ 64-bit compliant
✓ Smaller app size
✓ Misc. bug fixes & improvements

A few more details below.

New Release RC45 and New Beta RC46

After months of development, RC45 went full-release! Improvements include:

✓ Android 9 Pie support
✓ Theme improvements
✓ Better Chromebook integration
✓ Smaller install
✓ Faster performance
✓ Better support for older devices
✓ Voice-to-text now uses default system language
✓ New Jetpack/AndroidX libraries
✓ Improved stability
✓ New typefaces (808 fonts!)

Also, RC46 entered the beta channel. You'll find a new Dialog Browser to play with!