Tip: B45 includes Courier Prime for CyanogenMod's theme engine

Running a recent version of CyanogenMod 11 on your device? As of b45 (8-8-14), DubScript packages the Courier Prime Font to be used system wide across Android! Courier Prime is a free font for screenplays graciously released by Quote-Unquote apps under the OFL license.

Once you install DubScript on your CyanogenMod device, go to Settings, then Themes, and then Font. It's that easy to set the Courier Prime font as a default in nearly every Android app.

B45 is UP! Lots of new stuff!


[New] Shift-ENTER to uppercase (hard keyboard)
[New] Editor: Find/Replace
[New] Editor: Real-time underline/bold/italic (fast devices only, in settings)
[New] Word-completion (soft keyboard, in settings)
[New] Auto-capitalize sentences (soft keyboard)
[New] Courier Prime font for CyanogenMod theme engine
[New] RTL support!
[Updated] Hard keyboard shortcuts
[Updated] Toggle auto-suggest (settings)
[Updated] UI
Fixed auto-complete backspace bug (hard keyboard)