B45 is UP! Lots of new stuff!


[New] Shift-ENTER to uppercase (hard keyboard)
[New] Editor: Find/Replace
[New] Editor: Real-time underline/bold/italic (fast devices only, in settings)
[New] Word-completion (soft keyboard, in settings)
[New] Auto-capitalize sentences (soft keyboard)
[New] Courier Prime font for CyanogenMod theme engine
[New] RTL support!
[Updated] Hard keyboard shortcuts
[Updated] Toggle auto-suggest (settings)
[Updated] UI
Fixed auto-complete backspace bug (hard keyboard)

Oh yeah! B44 Came Out! B45 is on the way!

What's New
Winding down three years of beta development, we now have a great editor for Fountain 1.1, Final Draft import/export, PDF, cloud printing, and more. This version just adds some fit and finish:
• Rotation lock respected (thanks, MA!)
• Improvements to text search box
• Future compatibility for "L" Preview
• Minor bug fixes (code refactoring, improved scrolling, etc.)
Also, app size has slimmed down 10% in the last 2 releases! Keep up the terrific reviews and help spread the word!

b43: A BIG Update: Better Fountain, PDF, Cloud Printing, UI, and more!

beta 43: "Icing On The Cake"

• [New]: Print to PDF (KitKat/"L")
• [New]: Cloud Printing (KitKat/"L")
• [New]: Auto-CONT'Ds (in Settings)
• [New]: Lock view to full page (in Settings)
• [Improved]: Theme/UI
• [Improved]: Undo/Redo
• [Improved]: Titles/pagination/layout
• [Improved]: Fountain 1.1 compliance
• [Improved]: Faster restarts
• [Improved]: Searching
• [Removed]: Splash screen (no point, really)
• Built with latest tools