Page size

Is there a way of changing page size? I work in both A4(Most of the world) and Letter (US and territories). The difference in pagination can be sugnificant, 102 pages in A4 comes out as 110 in Letter format.

Unfortunately it's set for Letter. I can look into the changes required for A4 however... Ideally the margins could be programmable.

At the moment I'm working on some new refinements (some of them are discussed in the forum), so that's the priority-- to get those to an alpha hopefully soon. The page size though I can look into next :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I take that back. I just made some adjustments and created an A4 option. It prints a 125 page script on 113 pages now ;) Just made the page a bit longer, and viola.

The A4 option will be in the new alpha, which I'll post more info about on the top when it's ready for testing! Just winding up some other neat features...


Many thanks. The progragram works well for its intended purpose - I appreciate there is a limit to the bells and whistles that can be fitted into it.

Bob Couttie

Yes, but stay tuned because A4 is coming :)

Wish the view screen when typing was bigger.

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A few tips on maximizing the size of your screen:

1. Use a hard keyboard with bluetooth so that your screen isn't "eaten up" by the keyboard itself.
2. Use a smaller on-screen font to fit more lines per screen
3. Turn off ads so that they no longer appear
4. Switch from horizontal to vertical or vice versa depending on the size of your screen-- a vertical screen shows more real-estate, but on smaller keyboards going horizontal will eliminate the menu bar.
5. Turn off spelling suggestions, as it takes up an extra horizontal line over your keyboard.

Anyone have any more tips?