Character dialogue set to (CONT'D)


Opened up the program this evening and when getting through my work (on the READ side) one character's dialogue is all set to (CONT'D). I didn't input that and it doesn't appear in the WRITE side (except for where I intended). Not sure how to fix this.

Upon closer inspection it looks like correct formatting and not an issue with the software. Sorry. Love DubScript by the way.

Glad to hear it! If you hadn't figured it out, I was going to say that the "(CONT'D)" is just a standard screenplay way of telling the reader that a character is speaking twice in a row. Like if you have:

Let's roll the dice here...

He shakes his fist vigorously and blows on his knuckles.

Snake eyes!

That "CONT'D" is added automatically since it's the same person talking again. You can shut off the addition of the CONT'D in the settings.

Glad it's working for ya!