RC8: Minor tweaks (see list below)

Okay folks, a few changes here in testing version RC8:

* Updated tools, plugins and libraries
* String tweaks and optimizations. Consolidated more to make localization (translation to other languages) easier.
* Slightly faster/better pagination.
* Biggest change-- added a check if the script being opened is in the external storage file or cache area of another app. If it appears to be the case, ask the user to re-save to another place. The reason for this is that some apps will allow DubScript to access a file in its own working external storage area. Sounds good, except-- what if that app later decides to overwrite the file, deletes the file, clear its cache, or is otherwise uninstalled? So DubScript now has a check for such situatoins... which hopefully works ;)

Please do test it and report any issues here.