Help for Suchet

Hey I'm starting this thread for Suchet B over at the play store who is having problems with the green-text sample screenplay coming up as he types - the "sample" or demo is just to show you an example of what the script format looks like:


This is some sample dialogue!

Bob can see how simple it is.

Here is another line.

The green sample will disappear and be replaced by your typing the second you start. It only appears on a blank text. So you're meant to just type right over it to get started.

If you were confused- that's being taken to heart and just now has been revised to make it MUCH clearer in the next beta version. The programming work is already done, so look for that real soon in the beta channel (you can sign up in the Play Store to get it early), along with a new major feature :)

Thanks for the review BTW. Good or bad, your feedback is appreciated!