Exporting to pdf

Using dubscript on my Chromebook. How do I export to pdf? I can see fdx etc... in the save as menu, but not an option for pdf. Do I have to subscribe to do this?

On the read screen there should be a printer icon on the menu bar. If your screen is too small, it should be a menu item ("Print & PDF..."). If you press it, you should see a Print Preview screen. Make sure "Save as PDF" is selected. (You may also see other local or cloud printers as well.) From there, press the "PDF" round icon and it should ask you where you'd like to save the PDF.

Whenever I click on the “print button “ it doesn’t respond. I can’t export my work anymore and I have a deadline to beat. Please can anyone help me ASAP, I’m pleading.


First thing I would try is the newest beta version (you can select to download this from the Play Store). That aside, when you say it doesn't work any more, what specific issue are you seeing? Are you trying to export to PDF or print? Make sure that you've selected "PDF" in the dialog box. When you say "it doesn't respond", do you mean you dont' see the print page at all? What device/version of Android are you using?


I’m currently using the app on my dell laptop via bluestack. When I click on the printer icon, it shows nothing. Just as if it froze. I can’t export to PDF or even print. And I just downloaded it from Play store, I don’t know but I think it’s the beta version. If it’s not, please tell me how to get it. Thank you for your time